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in scotland and british industry period preparing to bid for a new tape thirty one the class we are witnessing i remember songs a national ship building some twenty ten this government has invested more than six billion and shipbuilding u.k. securing phones and secure and twenty eight hundred nineteen we expect to spend the next test of seven hundred fifty million pounds supporting the fleet and then an email in from tim bevan whose could be catching up on the shores online is strikes me how interesting your choice of interview isas from a very detailed interview with carlos push among the president as was of catalonia a fascinating present of lebanon recently a very important people from ireland and northern ireland and that's a time when amanda term that you can catch up with all the alex salmond shows online and then from hilda who's emailed us to lisp on style requests for suggestions to the future sure as hell the suggests weaving and point so that scotland's weaving connections around the globe and particularly in rural scotland is a traditional skill the still a very important one and there are an email i think from india from from stephen
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keith who says he wishes us continued success with the after show a breath of fresh air and thanks everyone involved thank you for that stephen and finally this week for from patrick from glasgow who's tweeted it to say that scotland glasgow generally need to be competitive for the rest of the world and start standing by the traffic lights of a cardboard sign and an empty coffee cup and if it be creative or die that is evolution says part of the absolute sure of that means but it sounds good and that's why we included it in this week's show. at first minister scott was back in twenty four fifteen i was closely involved with the rescue of. at the yard have gone down at the smart ship building in the lower clyde the scottish entrepreneur jim mccoll step third on the investment plan shows a totally different perspective of the man that i'll be talking to chief executive
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jet in moscow about faggots and plans for the future but first does mean the local member of the scottish parliament street milan to ask what it means for the type of a working shop and its midst. welcome it has been to tell me a bit about the time. a very rich heritage of building. something also has a future building mineral standing even. in the tone so i went through some tough times particularly trying to fourteen so when the yard went into to see the ship but it's like a phoenix rising from the flames with thoughts of us going south it's behind us and this is about it the fost of two of the larger vessels that are being built and also just after the three days at the shell built in recent years so those are bright future ahead for fed ex maybe bush even involved at the time with the department you get the sense of when there are difficulties how did the community feel at that tape what was the impact on them when it was that he did have embraced
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. when the news broke. went into receivership there was a sense of loss it was like a a loss of a family member because everyone is so much preyed on passion about ship building and port law school and also that sense of accomplishment when you see the ship going going down in the in the stocks when it's been launched that trade is the it and i know that's something that's been used in the cd it's building programs that you've been doing that's what it comes up time and time again this tell you very much lives and bodies ship building and. it was a terrible period of time however. with the former foster. sam and setting up a task force to make sure that that ship building was once again with tom to the town and also to tell the truth although we're quite certain it was a huge huge boost to making sure that ship building. would continue and this and
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this time and it's great to see that all the work that's been done and continues to be done here that ferguson medina you of course have family connections to ship building tell me that i do this was the last yard of my father what ten before he sadly passed away and two thousand and one. certainly the main road in the yard at the time it was main also that of women which is great. i mean really supportive family. and i vote that i don't have a chance to to help the yacht and to help ship building and port last quarter and i was certain of it throughout so and my eleven years in the scottish parliament have been a continual support of all for christians as it was and also. it always fails me with such a huge metal plate. but we still build ships and that's time that's probably holding true to that the promise you made i know you also play another role here i
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hear that you also write when ship so large here is that right i do it's sort of these things that. are not an additional thing that a politician does i am their official parliamentary paper but someone who grew up here and. i paid to launches when i was a boy and having a privilege to do. something that i never take for granted genuinely as a publisher do it because they see the from the. building ships and the shows being launched and the whole tone gets behind it and to play that small part people doing it it always feels with a joy and it's great thank you very much indeed for joining us here today thank you thank you thank you now back to alex's jenny marshall lisieux a faggot him money. kelly welcome to the alex salmond show thank you very much alec tell me a bit first about the history of this great ship played welfare to since has been
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the focus here since one thousand nine hundred thirty and you can actually go back to seventeen ninety if you want to look for the first vessel that was actual that accorded to be launched in the city or how many if you done today to date we've done three hundred sixty down. and i mean when i was last year there's been a almost been a few changes in terms of investment well with no invested in my books capital commend the national investment proposal was twelve and a half million to date with twenty five million pounds invested in the facility and not going to man the capacity to do different things in that capacity and capability and what we're setting in today and i was a state of the art module whole then we can compete better compared to the plea for major what packages through the u.k. and abroad which a key strategy for the future key strategy for the future is still focus on what has been our core what good's
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a fair market but we're also diversifying though when they're looking at ministry of defense work the tape there too when the and other projects to go along with we're looking at ship repair we're looking the mobilization of the workforce so we're divest supplying but still steam to our core american will say that look very ship boeing hasn't been able to compete with low cost locations in the fairly market for example not always a very high cost location they've been able to compete hugely successful in some markets why is that i believe if you look at norway and some other countries they have been basement banks that are set up and these investment banks work with the shipyards and help them with what can capital and there's a direct correlation between the market share and your production costs and then the subsidies or the basement banks the more you have the more you can create your market share in the just production costs than for example this question of having to launch a bornes for contracts that is a list of the government scottish or u.k.
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could take to make more compatible with death and if we had an investment back it would definitely cause more competitive right now we have to go through bourne's and as you can imagine borns can be pretty expensive but it's a way of getting their build. what can capital that ties up your capital if you have to lodge a ball on your capital effectively absolutely. obviously the family market is a key what is the connection between the ship building commercial families and some john popular support the overall strategy for the industry. pocket a poor really kick start to denationalize ship building strategy and if you look at the strategy itself part of combining naval ship yards with the commercial shipyards to have a more competitive and competent supply chain in the u.k. one that we can use all of the shipyards to the benefit both of the naval and to the best benefit for the local communities the social economic and the prosperity
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that that brings with it. is still a great driver of the local economies and for definite if you look here very narrow with unfairness and we have our own three hundred people as the knock on effect in the local community. for quite itself is it's been challenged over the years but with therapists and here and three hundred employees we bring in security back to these ploys well paid good job civil career which then gives the full truth about people buying houses and will clearly the schools the local community if you get there in the road know when there are marks and spencers the snow and then the local area the next. day and the retail part they're in there so it's a huge benefit and you said boys and the thing is changing in terms of his gender catalyst is an obsolete was fantastic we now have data five apprentices and if you look at those apprentices eight of them are actually having to be female and
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they're performing the exceptionally well as well as good and some of the most cases better than the boys themselves as just definitely agenda neutral and destroy what to do about competition doing it. so it wasn't you say you have three hundred and flow. it's not an f. awful thing when you hold. is that the scope of a facility such as this in terms of generating employment generate employment through the national shipbuilding strategy read over stay involved and take that to one the supreme leader for because just now when the ng a lot shit if not the blog builds all thought would significantly increase the workforce suck affected one hundred people just with out one contract divested find them to ship ship appear having that i don't keep about what's a dollar a day not more workforce to them and that importantly their pain to ships that we pull through from not securing the future of ship building in scotland if i wanted a new fan a whole ball of faggots those built off of me that didn't fair distance welfare
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systems be paid to so from that innovation we were the first ship yard in two thousand and twelve to put the hybrid ferry in the water the tooth fairy's that you see getting built here just know the fost fuel l.n.g. ferries in the u.k. and connelly pioneer the hydrogen fuel cell so we could offer you a whole lot really from size to shape and to how you want to drive you have the poetry behind do you want to feel whaling gee do you want buy three operating or are you want in hydrogen which by twenty twenty we plan to build a full shipyard in the world in a hydrogen fed in the water now that levein is going to be officially important in terms of the placement of families there's a substantial size flat in market in scotland but the european fairly market subject to the same regulations what are your hopes for them when i look at the fed in mock in scotland was over seventy ferries operating in scotland over fifty one percent of the in our current little for twenty years olds what i believe we need
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in scotland as an aside a national strategy based on the fair market a twenty year program that we could look at where we could take cost out and to provide the most of. and the fact of ferdy's that was san francisco. you're ready and you'll feel you're looking forward to. families in the future and that would put you really well positioned for the phantom but just going to huff to abide by environmental regulations coming up absolutely if you look at hydrogen we are aiming for zero emissions and the ferries that we're currently offering just know. them drill field control for. an option to upgrade them to hydrogen so they don't need to replace all the ferries game when we finally get hydrogen through the whole process we can just upgrade them. fanny mako ferry service to the whole of scotland so the hydrogen fuel cell finally come and so on in the phantom market absolutely
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those are. the but driving towards and fair this matter in a leading the charge. in a phrase ship building and the low applied sunrise or sunset and this is definitely sun rice. thank you so much for them to thank you very much alex coming up after the break both figures some of the walk. to maintain not great tradition of shipbuilding he had in the lower plight. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and saw. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money. to spend spend the children twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else not to want to share what
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i think you know about the beautiful just. great chance for. the events of april twenty eighth one thousand nine hundred six in the historic town of port arthur tasmania for ever changed the course of history here in australia the thirty five souls lost their lives. massacre was the catalyst for the australian government to enact massive sweeping changes to their laws regarding ownership buy and selling firearms maybe it's time for the united states to start looking out for the whole. sex drive just by the actual survival guide. when customers go by you reduce the price. didn't help well reduce some lower. that's undercutting but what's good for food markets is not good for
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the global economy. welcome back live back in twenty fourteen things look pretty desperate for faggots and seal in the lower clade and then i go in vegas a couple of guys who are the key shop stewards campaigning to see if the so john welcome to the like selling selling things back to twenty four fifteen when you were leaving that campaign when things were pretty dark in terms of the future. in ferguson does not. grown men cry in a plane and says what the store with absolutely no future like this. and as soon as it was funny and between you and john here you have the field sparrow here the fergusons. i won't name you know as the short shoe as i'm obviously was you have obligations to the campaign did you think it was going to be successful. and i'm
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not children or tell me the number at the table and become one to fade a moment and then you shall miss a few of us live in the weeks. and next month fade them on and to take notice they are been honestly us and told you tough and i want to leave off and i want to pack a stuff and maybe opt. to join say that i was one of a grown man is crying i've been here a long long time and local communities and family what kind of my brother was my nephew as evident in washington from way about the need of any family on a day job and it was devastating especially glasgow and for ship building community in a lot plate so john you are facing not just the loss of jobs and livelihoods but the loss of history and heritage as well. as a mood for alternative energy is always here before would be no one had responded no one monitoring kept us or in on it all go in and out one spot saying so when i
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came to the hospital that i was struck. as delicately as i can by the. the ante may show us some of the equipment here not all but the. force of the top of the machine and i think it was made by yourself who said it was like that i think we walked on the top the top said you don't want to do your boat shops for these things you. know the clearance is so different a square transformation so as people see the investment coming into that must give you a kind of bones for the future a definite does it give the whole local community has made a bridge for the future and that apprentices that are coming up to the big big thing. as an agent force and me going to get apprentices. is going to lose the skills and shipbuilding on the trouble. that we have revived the dying trade and then this is a feature to shout see the gender balance is changing
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a bit. early changes in behavior have to do with. kids of merit custody and you have met with. the data rick good thing good thing so as you look to the future but will be a thing going on in terms of the prospects for older management. defense what is key for the moment but to achieve really need some help from your kid government has been taught when. i mean a decent g.m.b. study proved to the police a hundred million or done with a. three hundred fifty million can buy. a ship building has always been a great driver of the economy not just in terms of local content but also in terms of the price ation generated by the jobs and livelihoods of state and this is a turn a bargain is all that we need to cut corners to prevail as we move forward the stimulus. was going good and well when sonic's of course was launched last year of
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us to be in some day for the tide in the workforce to see a boat moving off the slightly again myself i was led by guess shipments of about. you know of the best actually small fairies dogs. fetching a protection blues that we had been built. in the middle looking to move on to defend and i say that is going to be key because it's a long time like everything that's gone the needs and that's of it i think then just needs this. and a good government i've got to know and none of us political are going to get up. as is going to vote this must be voted on for all the shipyards and the communities that are in the country they have agreed guys in your joint campaign to save the future of the workforce but you don't absolutely agree on everything you know when it comes to the beautiful game and your team has been just a wee bit more success than your team. i'm enjoying the sunshine in the back of
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food clothes from your. other member you told me one day when hearts were beaten celtic i couldn't get even a minute funders thought we won. game so i wasn't going to manage an open in the west and you see have a viable the prospects of a few of the to equal the revival if you know. they mean it. and your money just coming on so i just want you to buy gustin of invincibles no more right so well as you before going off to be a we have it the ship for many years to come as little in the leave oh. let's go over to. speaking to some more of the workforce. thank you alex i'm not i joined by hugh mackay n.z. i'm krista graham the longest serving on us member of the ferguson family welcome to the alex i'm in show now here you've been here for quite a b. spell how long you've been a ferguson well realize this is a let's go up and you know somewhat still fifty years thirty two years that's quite
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a long stint and yourself crystal silver you're sure you're the new kid on the block what's it like it ferguson it's good it was to learn that people are pro you know so i want to be doing here in all of those thirty years if you've been in the same role if you miss two different rules know what commanders i am fabric. through various roles on the yards from from through take the technical departments floor and the management team that are all incredibly there and there how many more years you think you've got shit bowden. twenty years on me yeah but you christy have you how you enjoying it up and ship and what you think the future holds for you hopefully they're not the same here there's lots of so many opportunities especially with a yard nearly opened and you have family and children and no on the first new very first son i was a light being being a young female amongst that predominantly male workforce there's no one of. a sort of a family of origin so the same and you would just think about more women coming into the industry obviously something is welcomed as this is something i know surely
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it's good for them to start all over we i mean. in general really to get more females and your number two dogs most males and i'm trying to encourage them to go to some sort of general contest and i many people have spoken they should both things very much family orientated it feels like one big family how do you feel the future of ship building is important to the maintenance of our founding of course all of the people in the wider community who benefit from the first of all and some sort of number of the every part in the spread of fairness and benefits the whole place where the very poor guys were you know sure it's crucial that you keep what and you keep just type of commercial around the school half you. must feel like you've already said to pick up. found the future feeling like that your future you know for a family perspective is now in green tea ferguson really enjoyed her and you can encourage more young women to enter the workforce. thank you very much indeed of course quest is the only female employee here ferguson ready alex is speaking to the reason. now one of our themes as we look to the future of distance is
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commenting on the changing gender balance in the work force of the op and i'm now joined by one of the apprentices louise locke and so how we got to do the full year complete apprenticeship here just three months now you have nearly seventy and then the final year here the fence is got the family part of the work force of course but you get paid a fair bit more if you're continuing here after was when you basically a year where we just got a lot less something good to look forward to but you're in the drawing office on here so you'll be planning on the future of projects there will be a plan in this our union and joe and i want seven percent of that you think you're going to see your career as part of the shipyard not when i was really young that would be an engineer when i was younger but i didn't really have the confidence to go for it until i was a wee bit older then once i'd give it up but that i would call it in that a couple years and you needed them and i seen that focuses were higher than i don't think twice and applying and i was really lucky to get your friendship with your
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local to here i just think you know which doesn't fire my first year in the yard i was an engineer then start by saying gee i was offered a place and it all an office. she'll be here you'll be looking very much at the future of what's to come in the shop in the drawing office definitely i'm really excited to wear the art school and then really excited to get all what they've got and tells you don't pass no development of in this particular mission where you can do your apprenticeship as a fully fledged worked in the doing the painter shop but also develop your skills and understand you're doing that yet that's one of the opportunities that been given before i started the focus since i had given that in seen it ten c. so when it came i came a fair distance that pushed me advance myself on any. so if i could just wave a magic wall and say listen what is the show that you would like to be working on in the drawing office drawing up the plans for who would you like to be a hydrogen vessel that i did in maybe the future and. this is the technology clean
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bottom technology is going to we're making a reality of what's been laid the holy grail of hydrogen. it's really exciting and i think their existence is going to be the place to take it forward so i'm going to be there so from your perspective ship building here. is very much an industry of the future and it's really good for the. plate than if you take on. keeping the jobs and reclaim this is really important to the time we can thank you very much. this has been a great place to see these are the future of the shipbuilding. was set for closure only forty years ago now as every prospect of a much brighter to come. this is a building of commercial ferries but even here we've had to familiar refrain the government teat flow of order from the military is an essential prerequisite of building that base lying to lower the to compete and commercial markets are crucial
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to that decision and the consortium which are being formed to bid for it is the upcoming decision on the support ships for the caius sense of first program in a series of announced a strategic partnership with the systems to compete for that vital and huge. hit found assumes they know they have to be part of these consortium part of the partnership if they have to build of baseload to allow them to compete effectively in the international family market. one thing's for certain i mean visited over the past few weeks and the syphon belfast and here in the clyde there are communities who are committed to building ships they see their own industry a spot of the sunrise not of the sunset for the things we know myself the crew goodbye for and of course from everyone here that faggots and.
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etc see a. global warming telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings in this chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles based on the few stops by to tell you that will be gossip and probably myself a little pointlessly. off about telling me you are not cool enough to buy
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their products. all the hawks that we along with our audience will want. this is. a church secret indeed priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it literally like to call this the geographic solution. what the bush admits to do then he finds out the priest is a perfect true is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous. highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice doesn't do that and that's not good as the end then.
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is furthest from. the world cup to world war three foreign policy shows the spotlight with domestic issues during bloody near putin sixteenth q. and a session with the public. illegal a political mistake and unacceptable world leaders from lash out at from new tariffs. g. seven summit. and wake up call britain's upper parliament the house of lords is berated over members falling asleep during sessions will get reaction from the streets of london. based i would be anathema and that if i went to work as a washington way i'd love to be paid for having a campaign in my own long day or just listening to other people all day long so i get on a bit let them have.


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